"Coneflower carnival" by Paul Sharman Outdoors - printed by Saal Digital on their acrylic glass wall product

I took advantage a while back of an online offer from the folks at Saal Digital of a voucher towards a wall product featuring one of my photographs in order to sample their work. 

That seemed like too good an offer to miss, so I picked out one of my favourite colourful garden images and used their simple online ordering software to place my order and pay the balance of the total after applying the voucher.

I decided to try their 'acrylic glass' product as it promised "bright colours and fascinating spatial depth." I have had this on the wall for a few weeks now and have to say I am impressed with the overall richness of colour and have had some nice comments from visitors also so I would say that claim passes. The clarity and depth of the acrylic glass also certainly does add an little extra impression of depth to my photograph but I suspect a larger landscape scene with more depth from the foreground to background would benefit much better.

There was a choice of 3 wall mounting solutions and I opted for the aluminium subframe, as seen below, as it helps keep the product off the wall at an even spacing from top to bottom which I like the effect of. It is an additional cost though. 


Aluminium subframe mounting solution

Aluminium subframe mounting solution

Choosing an alternative to the standard canvas or paper print is becoming a more affordable option nowadays for something different to display in your home, and costs will continue to come down as the novelty wears off and technology improves. Whether it be a print on aluminium or under acrylic glass like this one, it is worth experimenting to see what suits your images best.

You can view the full range of Sale Digital products for your photos on their website at https://www.saal-digital.co.uk


If you'd like a print of "Coneflower carnival" for your own wall, drop me a line via my Contact page and we can discuss sizes and options.